We have a unique opportunity to create the most family-friendly city in Georgia.  In order for us to reach our full potential, we must have a plan that is thorough and can be executed immediately. To that end, I have a 90/120/180 days plan that is focused on helping us successfully transition from being in unincorporated Cobb to our own city.

My vision:

  • We must immediately build a transition team/board of advisors.  Invitees will include the new city council members, representatives from the county, the state and regional organizations and help us come together as a city.
  • We must immediately understand our expenses, revenue opportunities and any financial gaps
  • We must identify a city manager and initial city leadership to help us negotiate contracts and help us transition services as seamlessly as possible.

My 90/120/180 Plan

By the End of 90 Days:

  • Create and launch a Board of Advisors/Transition Team
  • Retain temporary municipal legal counsel to negotiate and execute contracts
  • Identify and begin negotiating division of services (and costs) provided by Cobb County
  • Create revenue generation plan
  • Develop draft HR policies for future city employees
  • Develop city council meeting schedule and list of community boards/committee

By the End of 120 Days:

  • Hire Budget/Finance Director
  • Declare to Cobb County the first 3 services the city will adopt
  • Develop the 2 year plan for additional services
  • Create office for business licenses and general fee collections

By the End of 180 Days:

  • Hire city manager
  • Hire city attorney
  • Recruit community members for boards
  • Conduct an updated budget assessment